Present at the FIRE SPRINKLER EUROPE trade show


Tomorrow we will be at the FIRE SPRINKLER EUROPE in Madrid with AG SPRINKLER.

AG FIRE SPRINKLER is a Spanish owned company specialised in the manufacture, design and supply of automatic protection equipment based on water and foam, such as sprinklers, control stations, valves, tanks, dispensers, generators, nozzles and monitors.

We manufacture all our products under the supervision of the most internationally recognised approval bodies in our own laboratories. We also develop new processes and equipment for an optimised and flexible manufacturing process that responds to the needs of the market and the specific requirements of our customers.

Thanks to this return on profits reinvested in R&D&I, we are at the forefront of product development. Our criterion: technical excellence, which allows us to balance needs and performance.

The commercial network of the KOMTES group extends to more than 70 countries, with its own subsidiaries and distributors that allow us to adapt to each market, as well as to provide a close relationship and direct support.

Valencia Street 8-10 · Ind.Pol. Las Merindades
09550 Villarcayo · BURGOS (Spain)

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