Performance design of systems using FDS computational resources

Fields of study

Koneba Fire and Smoke Design

Design of Control and temperature systems to maintain the optimal conditions of the evacuation routes by calculating computer processes.

Dynamics of fire in closed premises

Performance-based approach

Computer modeling and simulation (MSC)

Koneba Evacuation Design

Computer-aided evacuation plan designs

Design under environment of processes related to human behavior in case of emergency.

Evacuation models for complex scenarios.

Koneba Thermal Design

Design of temperature and heat control systems for Structural Thermal Resistance and property protection

Design of critical Hot layer temperatures using CFD

Structural calculation by finite elements


Performance design of SCTEH

Optimization of people evacuation plans

SCTEH facility analysis

Design engineering in PCI

Structural calculation from temperatures
controlled by a SCTEH


Industrial Sector
Logistics Sector
Petrochemical Industry

Cultural Buildings
Nuclear Power Plants
Agri-Food Industry
Public Buildings And Offices

Hospital Sector
Shopping Malls
Hotels and colleges

CFD-based projects

New airport Terminal in Algiers

New Mexico City Airport interchange Terminal

Amazon Logistics Center

Modeling Shopping Centers English Court

Axiare Logistics Park


Reus airport

Waste Treatment Plant, Energy Assessment and incinerator of Zubieta

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