Koneba and the GIDAI Group renew the collaboration agreement for the use of computer tools in the study of smoke control systems.


Renewal of the collaboration agreement on the system for the control and evacuation of toxic gases and smoke in the event of fire.

The University of Cantabria, through the GIDAI Group, has formalised the renewal of the collaboration agreement with the company Koneba of the Komtes Group to continue working together on "Computational modelling of control systems and evacuation of toxic gases and smoke in case of fire".
Koneba plans to carry out different design tasks in several buildings, including the performance-based design of a Toxic Gas and Smoke Control and Evacuation System in case of fire.
In order to carry out this analysis in buildings, it is planned to carry out work applying advanced fire computational modelling techniques. With a view to being able to undertake this work, collaboration with GIDAI is planned, focusing on the calculation of the development conditions of fire manifestations, fundamentally the movement of smoke and toxic gases, in different fire scenarios that are representative for the analysis of the correct functioning of the solution proposed in each building analysed.

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