Koneba has supplied smoke control systems for the refurbishment of a logistics storage warehouse in Getafe

Installation of "Kuadron Steel Door" flap aerators for smoke evacuation and "Kortex DA FIX" barriers for smoke compartmentation.

Koneba has supplied 46 Kuadron Steel Door ventilators, designed for the evacuation of large flows of smoke and combustion gases in the event of fire, as well as for daily ventilation, in addition to the corresponding control systems.

Kuadron aerators are suitable for installation in all types of roofs, both DECK and sandwich panel.

In this case we present an installation of pneumatically operated ventilators on DECK roofs, waterproofed with asphalt fabric that also covers the integrated base of the ventilator itself.

The doors of these ventilators are made of cellular polycarbonate, which provides a large amount of natural light to the interior.

In addition, Kortex DA FIX barriers have been installed for the compartmentalisation of the smoke tanks, which prevent their dispersion and facilitate their evacuation.

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