Expo Fire Protection Mexico 2018

Komtes strengthens its position in the Mexican market with its presence at the 3rd edition of EXPO FIRE PROTECTION MEXICO 2018

Komtes Group already has extensive experience on the American continent, which has allowed it to gradually grow and establish commercial relations in all the countries of South and North America.
Continuing with the trajectory of recent years, Komtes Group takes a new step to strengthen and consolidate its presence in the Americas with its subsidiary, Komtes Mexico, providing better service to all local companies and Spanish companies that are based in the area.

Komtes Mexico is part of an extensive and constantly growing sales network together with branches in India, Asia, the Middle East, etc., which brings Komtes products closer to the whole world.

Once again, Komtes Group has been present on October 9th and 10th at Expo Fire Mexico 2018, the most important national event of the Fire Protection sector.

Komtes showcased its latest developments in certified gas, chemical dust and kitchen protection systems from SIEX; its innovative and versatile water mist solutions from RG Systems; as well as its wide selection of sprinklers and valves from AG Sprinkler.

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