Axis Building in Madrid installs Kortex Rain EI systems by Koneba

Four Kortex Rain EI 120 minute barriers have been installed to compartmentalise the staircase area of the building located in Plaza Colón in Madrid.

This is the representative building, christened Axis Colón 1, in the heart of the Plaza de Colón in the centre of Madrid and designed by the prestigious British architect Norman Foster. The renovation of the historic headquarters of Barclays (acquired by the investment fund GPF Capital) was carried out as a renovation in a glass structure with an enveloping roof made up of diagonally intersecting steel beams.

The Axis building has a semi-basement, ground floor and three upper floors. It is located at the intersection of Plaza de Colón, Paseo de Recoletos and Calle Génova. This year it will house what will be CaixaBank's first macro branch in Madrid.

The automatic EI barriers that have been installed are designed to control smoke, fire and thermal insulation, and are cooled by a built-in water irrigation system.

Valencia Street 8-10 · Ind.Pol. Las Merindades
09550 Villarcayo · BURGOS (Spain)

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